Are you looking for someone?

Are you looking for a live writer’s group, book club, or critique group? I found this great new site called Meet up.

You can enter your interests and your zip code to find a group in your area. This site has everything from bike groups to foreign language groups.

I’m not ready for a face to face group yet. I don’t have the time if I were, but I thought I’d share, for those of you who are looking for something.

I’m personally thinking about joining the Ghost Busters group. For research purposes only, of course. 😉


I know I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve been busy with editing and rewrites. I hope to post an update soon.

18 thoughts on “Are you looking for someone?

  1. OMG – I did this just for fun to see what results would pop up. (Secretly I hoped there would be something of interest.)

    It seems there are only five groups in my area. None had anything to do with writing. But hey, if I want to join a Dungeons and Dragons group, they meet less than a mile away. I suddenly feel like I need some zit cream and a bag of Doritos.

    Even though it was a dead end, it was a lot of fun. I needed a good chuckle. Thanks.

    1. You want funny? There was a ‘meeting new people with herpes’ group in Sacramento tee hee. I snickered all day about that one. LOL

      I guess you have no ghost busters in Florida. 🙂

      You know, you could start your own group…

      1. What? And come out of my cave and actually meet and greet people face to face. Maybe if I could start a Masquerading as Writers Group with the requirement that everyone show up in costume.

      2. “Maybe if I could start a Masquerading as Writers Group with the requirement that everyone show up in costume.”
        LOL! No kidding!
        You know, a group like that might just fly considering what recluses us writers are…heh heh

  2. Wow – I found a “Poems and Wine” group and it also morphs into a “Poems and Coffee” group for the non-drinkers! It was in Portland, but that’s only an hour away!

      1. No- I’m up in the northwest corner of Oregon. It takes me 1 1/2 hrs to get to Astoria, and would take about 4 hrs to Newport (its in the middle of the oregon coast line). It’s a great little place and I think they have a writers compound there on Sylvia Beach.

        1. My brother lives in Eugene (sometimes Portland, sometimes Vancouver depending on his mood). 🙂

          A few scenes in my book are set in Portland and Newport.

  3. “I’m personally thinking about joining the Ghost Busters group.” LOL!

    I used meetup for Portuguese speakers once & was so excited but everyone in the group was weird & almost no one spoke Portuguese. I do, however, have friends who have had lots of success with writer and mom meetups.

    Congrats on the writing and editing the book. I can’t wait to buy it!

    1. There were tons of groups in the Bay Area and Sacramento and some were really, really weird! Yikes!

      BTW, Editing is a strange monster. I’ve decided, if I live through it, I may actually edit one of my other WIPs. 😉
      If you really want to buy it, you can have it right now–really cheap! hee hee

  4. I found my first critique group at MeetUp. Serendipitously, the group formed only one day before I searched for one in my area. It took me almost two months to work up the courage to go to a meeting though.

  5. Very cool! I know others who have used Meetup, but I never have. After my group ends at the college, I may try to find another. I like it, but I also want to see what others are like and how they are run before I settle on one.

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