A golden opportunity…

Cross RoadsThis was my golden opportunity…

Good morning…it’s as simple at that.

“Good morning?”

I stood at a crossroads not sure where to go. Two paths to choose from and I needed conflict. Who knew I’d find conflict in the simple words good morning. As soon as I wrote it I knew I had a choice but it never occurred to me until the words were on paper.—There it was, clear as a bell—my conflict.  I just had to use it.

Who should say good morning, I asked myself.

Who? Brian or Chase? Brian or Chase? Brian or Chase and then I just wrote it.


Good morning,” Alyssa jumped when she heard his voice and looked up quickly.


“Who else would it be?” He said jingling his keys.

“Me,” Alyssa looked over in time to see Brian come out of her bedroom shirtless and still in her sweats.

“Brian!” Alyssa froze not sure what to do. The three of them stared at each other. Brian being the only one completely unconcerned with the other two and Alyssa certainly being the most uncomfortable.

“I see,” said Chase. “It’s not like that…” he repeated Alyssa words from the night before as he glanced from her to Brian.

“Since you get the picture you can have this back.” Brian tossed him the diamond ring Alyssa had left on the nightstand.

“Brian!” Alyssa gasped.

“Wow—“ Chase said. “Pure class,” He looked at Alyssa and gave her a sad smile. “That is pure class Miss. Parker.” He turned and walked away.

“Chase, wait!”

KER POW! I got my conflict.

8 thoughts on “A golden opportunity…

  1. Ah-Ha! Don’t you just love those moments?! I’m glad you found your conflict. Your fingers will really be flying now.

    I haven’t been able to get on the NaNoWriMo site since yesterday afternoon and the Word Wars link was also locking up my blog so I removed it. Are you having the same problems?

    1. The widget sort of comes and goes at will. I don’t think it’s locked anything yet but it does occasionally disappear.
      I stared at a blank screen for 10 minutes before I wrote this. I kept telling myself to just go to bed and start again in the morning but I couldn’t do it.
      I didn’t know where to go after they spent the night together.
      Do I–A) have them wake up together
      or–B) jump ahead a couple of days the some long boring break up scene between her and Chase.
      I meant to just starting writing a morning scene between Brian and Alyssa but when I wrote the words good morning my scalp tingled and it came to me. Weird!
      I quickly wrote this post then went to bed. I have no idea what will happen next but I think Alyssa might have an idea.

    2. I haven’t been able to get on the NaNo site either. Last night I finally got on and updated my word count, and my widget isn’t working either. It’s not locking up my blog, but I don’t have the word wars. My widget is just an annoying blank. But it’s not just you!!

  2. I generally don’t know what’s going to happen next and I like it best when I end the day with a big question.

    I mean it, Dayner, hurry up and finish it!!! I want to see what happens next!

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